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1. Do not spam.
2. Do not treat the guild chat as a “Looking-For-Group” channel. Ask your fellow guild members politely if they would like to join a raid that you are in.
3. Do not treat the guild chat as a public trade channel to sell your goods in.
4. Do not curse or use racial remarks.
5. Do NOT beg for any items/gold.
6. English is the guild’s main language, therefore, only English will be allowed to be spoken within the guild chat and during guild events/raids.
7. Do not abuse caps.
8. Do not purposely ignore other members.
9. Everything you get from the Guild is free, this includes item from G-Bank and help from other members, no member is allowed to charge another member for any item/enchant/gem.
10. While being a part of Furor, any act of elitist and jerk behavior, which is commonly abhorred by other players on the server, is forbidden. Do not look down upon non-furor members with the tag. If you are reported by outsiders for mocking them, it will result in a warning.


1. You must register an account on the guild forums.
2. The general communication rules apply to the forums as well.
3. Do not post inappropriate material: This includes, but is not limited to:
- Pornography.
- Links to viruses/illegal websites.
4. Abstain from trolling in:
- Application section,
- News and Announcement sub-forum,
- Calendar Events sub-forum,
- Class Discussion section (specifically in Class Guides sub-forum).


1. Members must listen to the raid leader and obey to his/her instructions (given that they don’t contradict other guild/server rules).
2. Members must not make any decisions for themselves, and must not tell others what to do, unless instructed so by the raid leader.
3. Members must not leave a Raid group/PVP group while its taking place, if they join a GRaid they must complete it, leaving a Raid group and staying online for other things such as BG/Arena/Farming will result in a demote.


1. Bring the necessary reagents for your class and have all armor FULLY repaired before joining the raid.
2. Check which items you will be rolling for prior to the raid, to prevent mistakes when rolling.
3. If any additional information about the raid (tactics for example) have been posted you are required to read those prior to the raid.


1. Usually the bosses will be master-looted. Do not complain about this.
2. Do not ask the leader to reserve items for you and do not ask other members to pass certain items.
3. There are two different types of rolls you can use:
a. Need rolls:
* Only need for one character and ONE spec during the entire raid.
* Only need on items which are best for the character/spec you are rolling for.
* Need rolls have priority over greed rolls.
* Rolling on only 1 Spec will be allowed in the Raid, multiple rolls on 2-3 specs will result in a kick
b. Greed rolls:
* Greed rolls are only used for alternative specs or characters.
* Need rolls have priority over greed rolls. Do not greed if someone else already needed.
* Don't greed for disenchanting/selling.
* In case of master-looter say greed in the raid chat before rolling.

Miscellaneous - Raiding

1. Leaving the raid early after receiving your items is prohibited.[Player will be result in a demote, if they stay online after leaving the raid, relogging on alts will also get you a demote][Applies to everyone]
2. If you must leave early, you must let the leader know in advance (preferable at the start of the raid).
3. The general communication rules apply to raids as well (but the raid and say chat).
4. In case of a DC, come back as soon as possible when the server is back up. Staying offline after a DC is prohibited. If you come back late your spot might have been given away.
5. Read the Guild information tab for Enchanting / JC recipes before spamming for profession help.
6. Keep the Gbank alive. Put the right stuff in the RIGHT tabs only.
Low level mats :- All mats below MoP quality, are Low level etc.
7. Everyone with 2 professions are required to put some Gold in Gbank. This is to Help Low level people with mounts and other stuff.
8. Maximum of 5 ALT characters will be allowed / Raid (25 man). This rule is up to the discretion of the Raid Leader.


1. The instructions given out by a higher ranking member must be obeyed by any lower ranking member (unless those orders contradict a guild/server rule).
2. Orders are not to be contradicted by fellow ranking members.
3. Insulting a senior member in any way, can result in a Gkick without warn, depending on the Senior member in question.


1. All officers and guild leaders deserve your utmost respect.
1. Do not call them names.
2. Do not mock them.
3. Do not ignore them.
2. Do not play guild leaders/officers against each other; If one officer issues an order that you are unhappy with, do not complain to another officer of equal rank about it. If you feel he/she is being unjust, report it to the guild council ONLY.

Guild Honor

1. Represent the guild according to our code of ethics and standards.
2. Apply our communication rules to the general server chats and channels as well.
3. Do not break any server rules.
4. While in the guild you do not only represent yourself but the guild as well. So Hacking of any kind regardless of G-raid or anywhere in Wow will cause you a warning or G-kick depending upon the action.


1. If you are caught breaking a rule you will receive a warning. Three warnings equals a punishment depending on the severity of your crime(s).
2. If you catch someone breaking a rule, and no officer is online to take action, please report it to an officer or any higher rank than officer (preferably with screenshots).


1. Promotions are based on your online activity, merit to the guild, creativity, longevity of membership, respect shown and adherence to the guild rules and regulations.
2. Promotions are doled out based on the discretion of guild officers and leaders. Do not ask them for a promotion for yourself or your friends.


1. If you are inactive for 20 days or more you might be booted from the guild, unless prior notice was given.
2. Upon return you may be able to regain your spot and old rank in the guild, depending on how full we are. ( You need to fill application to rejoin the guild )
3. Those who leave the guild without any reason/nerd raging/qqing will be added to the Blacklist. No re-invite is possible what so ever for the people on the list.

No one, not even the officers, are above the Guild rules.
Failing to obey the above stated rules will result in a Warning/Gkick, depending on the severity.

Keep a Happy atmosphere in the Guild!

-Furor Staff-